Testimonials - Developer/Partner Teams

Discover what our developer and partner teams have to say about collaborating with The Sherry Dabir Team. Our strong relationships and commitment to excellence make us a preferred partner in the real estate industry. Read their testimonials to understand why developers and partners trust Toronto Condos VIP for successful projects and seamless experiences in the Toronto and GTA market.

Richard M.

Working with Toronto Condos VIP has been a game-changer for our projects. Their in-depth market insights and effective marketing strategies have consistently driven strong sales and visibility for our developments. They are true partners in our success.

Richard M.
Project Manager at UrbanBuild

Nancy L.

Our collaboration with Toronto Condos VIP has been nothing short of exceptional. Their team understands the nuances of real estate development and provides invaluable support from concept to completion. We trust them implicitly to bring our projects to market effectively

Nancy L.
CEO of GreenLand Developments

Tannaz Taghizadeh 

Where do I start when it comes to Sherry and the team. 

I’d start with a first time I saw her photo on someone’s instagram, and right there I discovered the sparkles of trust in her eyes. Once you look at sherry you know you can trust her. I knew right there I have found a jewel in our industry. 

Ever since, it has been the most pleasure working with her. 

Her energy and passion is needed in our industry. All these years I have seen clients so at ease as they know they have found someone who will navigate them through the right path. Big shout out to sherry’s team, polite, passionate, trustworthy and have all adapted the Sherry Dabir’s culture of knowledge and trust.There are a lot of realtors in the pre construction world, but there are a few who make an effort to educate themselves for their clients. 
Sherry is present always in all projects’ events or seminars and is not just physically there, she is there to receive all the info to be able to relay them to her clients. Her knowledge on the projects is superb, that’s why she can navigate each and every client to their right project therefore she always ends up with happy clients. 

I have had the pleasure of working with her for years and learn from her. Her calm, beautiful voice makes everyone pause and smile and do the job happier.

If you have worked with her you know exactly what I am talking about and am sure you are smiling reading these lines as you have made the best choice choosing her as your trusted expert. And if you haven’t worked with her, you are in for a treat. 
Keep rocking it Sherry and team. 

It has been a pleasure knowing you all and working with you all. 

Tannaz Taghizadeh
Director of Sales  Austin Birch

Brian Shew

Sherry Dabir and her team are true professionals. From the pre-work before a launch and issues after closing, she is always here to help her clients every step of the way!

Brian Shew
RDS | Residential Development Services

Gary Switzer, Noorez Lalani & Marie Girolamo

It has been a pleasure for the team at MOD to work with Sherry. Sherry’s expertise in the real estate market, particularly in the pre-construction sector, is unparalleled. Her knowledge and insight have been instrumental in driving successful sales in our projects. She possesses a remarkable ability to anticipate market trends, providing our purchasers with invaluable guidance and ensuring they make informed investment decisions.

Her warm, approachable demeanor and exceptional communication skills make the entire purchasing process seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved. Sherry’s innovative marketing strategies, attention to detail, and her ability to connect with potential buyers and convey the unique value propositions of our projects are truly impressive.

We are incredibly grateful for Sherry’s partnership and look forward to many more successful collaborations with her and her team in the future.

Gary Switzer, Noorez Lalani & Marie Girolamo
MOD Developments Inc.

Shab Rajabzadeh

It has been a pleasure to work with Sherry Dabir over the years. As the President of Cornerstone Marketing Realty, our team has consistently witnessed Sherry’s dedication, professionalism, and expertise in the pre-construction real estate sector. Sherry prioritizes her clients’ interests by strategically curating developments that she believes will deliver significant value. Her hard work and commitment resonate in every project she undertakes, making her an invaluable partner and a tremendous asset to her clients. We hold Sherry’s partnership in high regard and look forward to many more successful projects together.

Shab Rajabzadeh
Cornerstone Marketing Realty Inc.

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